Sunday, 1 April 2012

Harmony Day At Mount Druitt College of TAFE

Harmony Day event at Mt Druitt College of TAFE run through the TAFE Outreach Pathways to Community Services class in collaboration with the Aboriginal Education Unit, the Multicultural Unit and Mt Druitt College.


Mount Druitt TAFE Outreach serves the local Mt Druitt community to engage people  in learning in adult learning environments who might not usually access vocational education and training. The goal is to build greater particpation through study, work and community particpation.
Mount Druitt Outreach offers a range of programs on and off campus including Work Opportunities for Women, Men @ Work, Pathways to Office Skills, Getting Smarter (using laptops and exploring other technologies as they emerge), PEET, Grow introductory and pathways gardening program, Language and literacy engagement programs, eEnglish and Cafe Skills.
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